Step 1

Removing the arbor plate

Remove the arbor plate

There are usually 5 screws holding the plate in place. If you are unsure, please click your track saw model number below to see where the location of the screws are.

Keep the arbor plate and screws close, you will need them to reassemble the track saw

Track Saw Models

Step 2

Remove the old hose adapter

Remove the old hose adapter, it should slide out easily.

Store the old hose adapter somewhere safe, it will not be needed anymore.

Step 3

Install the new hose adapter

There will be a line engraved on the hose adapter indicating which side goes up.

When installing the new hose adapter, the engraved line should be facing up.

The engraved line will line up with the top of the track saw where the cover is installed. See the picture below.

Step 4

Reassemble Track Saw

Place the arbor plate back on the track saw.

Ensure when reassembling the track saw that the hose adapter is oriented with the engraving facing up.

Fasten all of the screws that were removed in Step 1.