Step 1

Insert your long bench dogs into parallel bench holes. It is highly suggested to clamp down your bench dogs using clamping knobs. If you have our long bench dogs, they will come with clamping knobs to secure the bench dogs to your table top.

Step 2

Insert the slide-in dual nut into your guide rail t-slot and loosely tighten the Stanton Dog Locks. You should be able to freely move the dog locks. See the orientation in the image above.

Note: The button head screws will be used on the dog locks furthest away from you. The adjustable thumb screws will be used on the dog locks closest to you.

Step 3

Set up the dog lock furthest away from you. This will be tightened using the button screws. Fasten the furthest dog lock to your guide rail using a screwdriver. These dog locks will be fixed into place.

Step 4

Set up the guide rail against your bench dogs. The bench dog furthest away from you should sit inside of your fixed dog lock that was set up in Step 3.

Put light to moderate pressure on the fixed dog lock. While keeping pressure, secure the bench dog closest to you by sliding the second dog lock around the bench dog and fasten using the thumb screws.

The guide rail should not have any movement. If there is movement, then start over setting up. Make sure when fastening, you are putting adequate pressure on the fixed dog lock.

Note: The dog lock closest to you uses thumb screws, this makes it easily adjustable.