Festool MFT 3 Woodpeckers Storage Rack for Pocket T-Squares TS-3, TS-6, TS-8

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Staying organized in the shop is important in order to save time. This storage rack will keep your Woodpeckers Square within arms reach. Our Woodpeckers storage racks are designed to fit nicely in your MFT3 bench. The storage rack will stay below the surface and does not protrude working area.
  • Storage rack will attach directly to the side of your Festool MFT/3 Table
  • Designed to work with Woodpeckers - TS-3, TS-6, TS-8 (and metric equivalents)
  • Multiple options to store 1, 2 or 3 T-Squares
  • Comes in a pearl ruby color that looks great with Woodpeckers
  • Storage rack is 40mm deep like all of our other Woodpeckers storage racks


Organization: Staying organized in the shop is extremely important to save time. We have storage racks for all of the popular Woodpeckers measuring and layout tools so that you can keep your measuring tools where you need them most. If you've ever spent 10 minutes looking for where you last placed your square - you need this.

No Interference: All of our Woodpeckers storage racks are designed to sit under the working area. This means that there is no worry of long work pieces accidentally hitting your Woodpeckers tools while they are safely stored away.

40mm Depth: All of the Woodpeckers MFT/3 storage racks are 40mm in depth which gives your MFT/3 table a clean look.

Materials: This is made out of strong and durable PLA plastic.

What's Included

  • (1) Woodpeckers MFT/3 Storage Rack