WEN Guide Rail Square Adapter - DIY Kit

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Rafter Square not included! To use this kit you will need to purchase a 12" Empire Rafter Square (Model #3990 or Model #E3992)

WEN Guide Rail Square Kit

Feature Overview

We worked with engineer Jeff Wagner to bring his rail square idea to market. The goal of this rail square adapter was to be an affordable option that will still produce accurate 90/45 degree alignment.

This is designed to work with WEN Guide Rails.

Our guide rail square uses the accuracy of the 90/45 degree sides on the aluminum rafter squares to achieve a true 90 and 45 degree angle. We are able to keep the costs down by using a 3D printed cam lock mechanism to secure the square against the rail. There are a total of 4 cam locks, 2 on each side so that you can use the square on either side of the guide rail.

  • The guide rail square creates accurate 90 and 45 degree alignment
  • The guide rail square can be used on either end of the guide rail
  • Strong cam locking system to ensure snug fit to rail
  • Optional Support Tab to keep the rail square flush to your workpiece

    Accurate Alignment

    Our guide rail square adapter uses the accuracy of an Empire square and the guide rail to achieve accurate 90 degree and 45 degree alignment. The kit installs onto an Empire square within a few minutes. It uses a cam lock system to press the Empire square to the guide rail t-track, achieving a true 90 degree.

    90° and 45° Alignment

    The guide rail square adapter can be flipped around and used on both sides. This means that you can set up a 90 degree cut or 45 degree on the close side of your workpiece. You can also install the guide rail square on the far side of the guide rail on the opposite side of the work piece.

    Optional Support Tab

    The Empire square is 12" long, which means towards the end there will be minimal sagging due to the weight. This is common on all guide rail squares. We provide an optional support tab which will let the guide rail square and guide rail sit flush onto the workpiece.

    Technical Details

    What's Included?

    • (2) Installation Brackets
    • (4) Cam Locks
    • (2) Countersunk Screws
    • (2) Nylon Hex Lock Nuts

    What's Included: Optional Support Tab?

    • (2) Installation Support Tab Brackets
    • (2) Support Tabs
    • (1) Countersunk Screws
    • (1) Nylon Hex Lock Nuts

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      Bruce Petersen
      This met my needs exactly!

      I break down my sheet goods using my track saw before final sizing on my table saw. I needed a quick way to crosscut square without a lot of measuring. This was perfect and at a perfect price. Works great. It’s squareness is obviously dependent on the squareness of your framing square but that’s easy to get. This is a great product at a very reasonable price! Would recommend.

      Rudolph Schneider

      Kreg ACS Guide Rail Square Adapter - DIY Kit

      Aaron Maccaro
      Great product

      The guide rail square works great

      Scott Hartman
      Great Purchase

      Works great!

      Robin Folger
      Would buy again

      It’s great- don’t hesitate